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UTAMA AUDIO toko audio online Jual Perlengkapan Karaoke Set dan Home Theater Set hubungi Phone : 021-62318806 SMS : 0816-1962159

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UTAMA AUDIO toko audio online Jual Perlengkapan Karaoke Set dan Home Theater Set hubungi Phone : 021-62318806 SMS : 0816-1962159
UTAMA AUDIO toko audio online Jual Perlengkapan Karaoke Set dan Home Theater Set hubungi Phone : 021-62318806 SMS : 0816-1962159

van den Hul The Name RCA to RCA Audio Cable 1m

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Van Den Hul' s The Name is a superb, highly versatile interconnect that can be used as an 2 RCA to RCA stereo cable, a digital coaxial audio cable or a composite video cable. Made to the highest manufacturing standards and with the finest materials, The Name consists of HULLIFLEX ® , a PVC and Halogen free jacket, with a single, 1.1 mm solid core oxygen free copper conductor, heavily coated in silver. This results in improved flexibility, better protection against chemical pollutants and improved sound quality. A dual-layer shield consisting of multiple strands of silver-coated oxygen-free copper, and high-efficiency internal insulation ensure maximum protection from RF and magnetic interference. As a result, The Name delivers crisp and rhythmical audio with loads of urge and energy as well as amazingly clean and crisp images when used as a video cable.

What Hi-FI Best Interconnect Under £ 50 in 2004 Awards " Absolutely no question about its performance- it easily sounds like the best in its class "

van den Hul The Bay C5 connects your CD player, DVD player or Tuner to your Amplifier to produce an exceptional sound performance.

van den Hul The Name 2 RCA ( phono) to 2 RCA ( phono) stereo audio cable.

Length 0.8 metre.

Double shielded - Provides your signals excellent protection against unwanted noise and interference from the outside world’ s radio frequency and other electromagnetic disturbances.

Solid core - A heavy 1.1 mm Ø central conductor provides high frequency bandwidth and low loss signal transfer. The cable’ s construction furthermore ensures that the core is virtually unbreakable.

Pure silver coated OFC -Both the signal core and shield’ s signal return are made of dense silver coated high purity Matched Crystal Oxygen Free Copper ( OFC) . This high quality composition maintains signal integrity and provides maximum durability. Signal quality that lasts!

First-rate insulation - The internal insulation material which separates the conductors, physically takes part in signal transfer and its quality. Not overlooking this, The NAME is equipped with a prime material which supports optimum audio and picture fidelity. The NAME’ s internal insulation provides minimized signal losses and a very low 59 pF/ m parasitic capacitive load.

High-grade 24K Gold Plated connectors - The quality of the connectors makes a considerable contribution to a cable’ s overall performance. The NAME comes fit with RCA type connectors of the same high quality as found with our up-range cables: Being non-magnetic, having Teflon internal insulation and being layer-plated with copper, silver and finally 24 carat gold, they provide a perfect and durable connection.

Excellent protection and durability - Last but not least, The NAME’ s dense silver coated conductors, as well as its rugged and hard wearing HULLIFLEX ® 4 jacket provide an optimal protection against chemical ( corrosive) attack from the outside world and ensure a very long lifespan.

Made in the Netherlands

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